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02 cze: Re-opening of Sun Lawyers offices

Protecting your family assets in Spain Thursday 4th June 2020 – 11am Living through the last three months in Spain has been a sobering experience. With restrictions lifting, people are beginning to re-start their lives. We are hosting an online webinar at this time to address issues that may have cropped up during lockdown that now you are able to do something about. These include:


30 kw.: How to make an emergency Will during lockdown and beyond

These past couple of months have been as difficult as most people can remember in living memory. People in Spain, our clients included, have been profoundly affected by Coronavirus. It has caused many to consider their own health and their wishes going forwards. In response to numerous requests, we have created a way that clients can make an emergency Will, either for the first time, or to revoke all existing ones. The following conditions need to be met to ensure…


17 kw.: Obtaining a Spanish Power of Attorney

Under normal circumstances, appointing a Power of Attorney (POA) isn’t a service required by every British person buying property in Spain. However, recent events have shown just how valuable it can be to all non-resident buyers. Since the end of January, Brexit and the countdown to the end of the transition period has disrupted the application process for NIEs and residency permits, mainly in areas popular with expats.


14 kw.: How we protect our clients’ interests when they are buying a property in Spain

Purchasing a property is one of the largest and important investment decisions we make at any stage of our life. It is obviously key for the buyer that their interests are protected, and that nothing goes wrong during the purchase process and that their monies are investment. Sun Lawyers makes sure that purchasers have all the correct clauses within the purchase contract and that they are 100% protected.


16 mar: Spain is currently in a State of Emergency

Spain starts a country-wide period of lockdown which began on Saturday 14 March and will last for a period of at least 15 days. During this period people are permitted to be out only to travel to a supermarket/pharmacy/hospital, travel to work, take out rubbish and take the dog for a short walk. When people do go out, the expectation is to respect the protocols about social distancing and to be out for only the minimum necessary period of time.


28 lut: A Spanish will is vital

Unsurprisingly we at Sun Lawyers get loads of queries and clients over the subject of wills and inheritance tax in Spain. The Spanish legal system is very different to what happens in other countries like the UK, and Sun Lawyers have the experience to give you exactly the advice you need over inheritance law and the taxes that are involved.


03 lut: Email Security & Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is now the most reported crime worldwide and 80% of all consumer email addresses have been hacked at one point in time. Your email is an asset you must keep it as protected as your wallet. Start by checking your email, you can do this by visiting: